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Black does add brackets in some situations.

Frankly, that is a really annoying comment to make. Can it add brackets in the particular situation I just said? If so, I'd actually be interested, because it's while since I last checked so it could will have changed. But if not, you've made it look like my comment's invalid for no reason.

It reminds me of the last time Black came up on a Hacker News. I posted the same objection (but hypothetically) and the actual creator of Black replied with a comment along the lines of "you should check for yourself before making a comment like that". By the time I finally did check, the discussion had died down (like this one now has) and not many people saw the reply. As the creator, he must have known that my objection was correct but he posted a low-effort misleading comment that invalidated it. It doesn't give me a great feeling about the project. I realise you couldn't have known that happened but you can see why I find your reply so annoying.

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