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The way you can tell that black is good is that everyone mildly dislikes a few things about it, but they're usually different things.

That's usually a good clue that you've hit real middle-ground.

I blackify my projects once we hit 3 contributors.

Why wait? I run black on all my new single-author projects.

i have my personal tics about formatting that i enjoy. As long as it’s just me, i’ll persist them.

I can see the point of that. For me though, I just changed my personal tics to match the tics of black :-)

I would do the same on any JS project with prettier.

I write some garbage-formatted code, press ctrl-s, and the code is formatted automatically.

Even on a single-dev project, I would take a config and just put it there for the convenience it provides me.

If I ever were to code python again, I would probably also use black.

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