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Yes, that evaluation was committed by Chris Lattner -- see https://github.com/tensorflow/swift/commit/028f245ef3ca735b1...

Don't mistake the evaluation of an entire company with one person's opinion. In general, large companies and especially Google have parallel teams solving the same problems in different ways, and many new approaches pop up over time. The vast majority either dies or finds a small niche somewhere.

It's understandable that the author of Swift will think his language is the best for X. It's also understandable that one of the creators of Julia will find any opportunity to toot their horn. That's how the industry goes. None of this should be taken as a formal endorsement by a large company, simply because such endorsements are exceedingly rare. Consider the fact that Google created several programming languages by now (including popular ones like Go), but it still has thousands of coders writing millions upon millions of LOC of new Java code every year.

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