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I love how the introductory video gives you a big picture of different ways the math can be applied to real life scenarios. I wish they did this more frequently at school. Often the students did not understand at the beginning how all these stuff could be useful and thus they did not invest in the effort or were not interested at all. Each curriculum at school should have an introductory course that clearly outlines and explains how the content of each course can be applied to real life scenarios, including examples of use cases that help students understand the big picture and to motivate them.

+1. Motivation is perhaps the most important aspect of teaching. I find that lectures are a terrible medium for teaching a concept; I find that I need time for quiet contemplation / practice / experimentation to truly understand something. However, lectures are fantastic for motivation and encouraging me to do the extra work on my own.

I've been reading (along with my kids) Ben Orlin's Math with Bad Drawings book which is great at motivating and presenting math in interesting ways that are all about presenting things as an interesting puzzle to be solved vs. the way much of math is presented in a rote "this is the algorithm / solution" way.


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