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> Not to mention some of us are glad lots of things got fixed and not sore in the slightest.

The people who are not "sore in the slightest" probably don't have to deal with large Python 2 codebases that rely on libraries that have no plan to move to Python 3. They are typically people who are writing code from scratch.

Rendering a huge codebase obsolete in order to upgrade print statements, import statements, and internationalization (i.e., unicode) was not a fair trade for many existing projects.

Been writing Python since roughly 2000.

My stuff was not overly concerned with encodings, that part was luck. I moved to the logging module early, avoiding print problems, that was smart. Other changes were trivial mechanical fixes, that was easy.

For the unlucky, obtuse, or resource challenged, you've had an extra ten years of support. That's sufficient IMHO. It is time to suck it up and port, or retire the app. Constant bitching just gets old.

Meanwhile, I'm using a great language that will be relevant for years.

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