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Why Linux on Desktop ‘Failed’: A Discussion with Mark Shuttleworth (tfir.io)
5 points by pjmlp 9 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 5 comments

This has been an issue/complaint for 20 years... Lack of games, weird upgrade issues, weird hardware issues, poor user community all contribute. Honestly, I think the biggest thing is no Word/Office support.

Don't forget the pain when coding GUI apps. Worst experience ever, no docs, no support, nothing. Creating GUI apps in Visual Studio is like an alien technology to Linux.

When was that the 90s? It's really easy now.

Depends, if you consider Glade a great tool for creating apps. There's nothing compared to VS and each desktop manager has it's own libraries unless you don't care if your KDE users install another 100 packages. Qt is another story...

I agree, I wouldn't consider Glade a great tool or even a tool for creating apps. I only tinkered with some but it seems to be more like a visual designer for testing layouts. Qt Creator is pretty slick though. There's definitely not vis-a-vis alternatives for many business critical apps like VS in the Linux ecosystem yet but it's not, well at least in my opinion, because of some limitation with Linux itself. Breaking into the desktop market is incredibly difficult now. To the point that even major tech companies like Google struggle in the desktop market even though they dominate the mobile OS market with a Linux based OS. To me it just seems like the chicken before the egg problem. How do you attract the major app developers to an emerging platform with a smaller user base when lack of applications is limiting adoption?

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