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Show HN: A Job Board to Filter Software Jobs by Interview Type (softwarejobs.xyz)
6 points by JamieF1 9 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 6 comments

I built this around a year ago, but never really officially launched it. I got a reminder that the domain was about to expire and thought to myself "Why not post on HN and see what happens!?"

Would love to hear feedback on the idea / site itself, but would love it even more if people post a job or two! Here's some info from the about page that explains what I'm trying to solve / improve in the hiring process for software developers etc.

A huge number of software developers believe that the interview process for developers is broken. Some interviews suit certain people while to others it frustrates them to the point that they don’t even want to continue the hiring process. We believe that this isn’t good for the company looking to hire a candidate or the candidate themselves. While there’s no silver bullet for this problem, we certainly think that things can be better – much better in fact.

This is why SoftwareJobs.xyz was created. Imagine you could filter jobs by the interview type – now you can! Do you hate whiteboard interviews – fine, you’ll never have to write pseudo code ever again in front of a bunch of other developers. Maybe you prefer to do take home tests so to show your full potential so that you don’t feel under as much pressure and can use your own IDE etc. Or maybe you even refuse to do interviews unless you’re compensated for your time by doing paid interviews?

I like the idea - but you need hiring managers to post jobs before it will be worthwhile. What is in it for them? Because it sounds to me like a way to voluntary have talent filter my jobs out of their search.

I honestly think a lot of hiring managers don’t know what is the best way to hire. So many things in life are based on copycat culture (every NBA team shoots 3s now like the Warriors all of a sudden for example), and every software company now needs to make sure all their candidates know how to write optimal algorithms like Facebook/google candidates. But a lot of these companies are not google or Facebook or amazon, so they rely on stuff like Codality to essentially copy the hiring process of a top company when they really don’t even solve the kinds of problems google engineers deal with.

Basically need a Codality for normal companies with reasonable mixture of real world practical problems, and reasonable algorithm questions. Then hopefully the copy cat culture can pick up on that and we’ll have an organic fix to the shitty programming interview puzzle garbage filtering out decent developers who are just fine for most companies.

I agree on your first point - it's like building a social network and having no users (chicken and the egg problem). There's a lot in it for the company / hiring manager, I think I've answered this question in the FAQs on the site but long story short: companies will also benefit from having candidates doing an interview that they feel shows their full potential.

I really like the idea, but what would be really valuable to me is filtering by does the company use trivia problems like leetcode.com or does it use real world scenarios.

As a seasoned developer, I always have to practice those types problems before interviewing for a new position. It's a complete waste of time as they don't represent actual development work.

Thanks, the feedback has been good in general when I've showed people it. My plan was to start filtering by the current filters, and then if it works out I can have additional filters (think of it as an "advanced filter") where you can be really specific.

Everybody has their own preference, and I'd love a jobs board that lets you actually search by those preferences.

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