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Quora still exists, and it’s now worth $2B (vox.com)
27 points by FrancesFinTech 9 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 15 comments

I do not understand how quora gets its answers but it still frequently shows up in google results with the best answers. Most recently the answer to me trying to find the mythical Bezos memo [0] “web services or you’re fired” that Yegge referenced.

[0] https://www.quora.com/How-did-Amazon-successfully-grow-inter...

I feel like that top answer has a lot of things wrong with it.

The first AWS service was SQS in 2002.


The wiki also says that AWS changed direction after a paper was written about reworking the retail compute infrastructure. It had a small section saying that they could sell excess compute as part of the rework.

After that paper came out they relaunched AWS in 2006 with S3, SQS and EC2.

Quora: yahoo answers with login restriction.

Quora was one of my favourite platforms before... But nowadays, I just find the platform to be flooded by self promotional content marketers.

Its difficult to find objective answers without being pitched by somebody on their company's own products and services.

Just to take a pulse, but am I in the minority that finds Quora to be a great great resource to learn on a variety of topics ? I know HNers are often critical so wondering what others think. Some say Quora's time has well faded and it is no longer used as much, but I'm not sure about that..

It's nice to get very quick, in-depth answers by experts.

But the forced login - why should one freely contribute knowledge if it is siloed by a company? - ads, frequent clickbait/opinion/irrelevant/crazy/advertisement-style answers and irrelevant notifications ruin the experience for me.

agreed, I'd have been an enthusiastic proponent of both quora and pinterest were it not for the forced login simply to view public content.

Just use ‘?’ at the end of url to bypass login. Where is the forced element?

Open access should be the default and require no workarounds, which only a tiny minority will know or use.

I don't use Quora anymore, it's full of irrelevant answers.

The forced merging of even slightly similar answers really messes things up. The answers never seem to match the question being asked.

If you're trying to find a technical answer, it's not the best. But on other topics I'm blown away at the depth of some of the answers.

I hate the way the website is laid up, everything is shown in a similar font face so you have to read ads and titles of unrelated questions before you can find the text of the answer... which will surely be written by someone with economical interests in the field.

Quora is garbage now... When I wanted to find answers for some political concepts (not political or ideological opinions) and information about other societies I found it completely biased, even from people who claim to be "experts".

Damn, I consider it the new Yahoo Answers. More and more pure garbage answers.

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