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SpareBlox: New way to safely store files
2 points by Spareblox 10 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | discuss
Gauging interest for a thing I'm building that is basically SeqBox + PAR + local torrent. Data is broken up into self-describing 4K chunks and striped across as many drives as are available. Each block is hashed to enable data rot scrubs and small groups of blocks include redundant data to enable reconstruction. Files names and hashes are also protected with redundant data and hashes are consulted before making new blocks, to prevent dupes. Drives that go offline are tracked as offline and only get marked as failed when they fail a scheduled scrub or get marked as such. Data gets rebuilt on the fly when some of it is offline but there is still enough to rebuild. Right now I have a working demo that does most of this and I'm polishing up to do everything and be stable enough to start public testing. If there is enough interest, I'll know to prioritize this over my other projects. Let me know what you think!

https://spareblox.com spareblox@gmail.com

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