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Why are people putting up with this?

The worst is when you do the task and then they just don’t respond.

Not even a simple, “we’re not interested”. No feedback.

Just. Left. Wondering.

It’s cruel. It’s demeaning.

Tanium was especially cruel. 6 hours of live coding interviews and the only reason I got any response from them was because I had to consistently hound them for a couple of weeks and ask a friend that worked there to internally ping someone.

I can't tell you how many times I've never even gotten the courtesy of a response after interviews...even though I've checked in with them to find out where they were in their process.

The other thing that gets me, is not listing what the expected pay is upfront (and whether or not it's remote) on the job posting. We all work for pay and we all have a pretty good idea of what income it takes to live in your current (and future) circumstances. If your pay is nowhere near that expected range, why should I waste your time and why should you waste my time?

I got hit up on StackOverflow to apply for a company. After looking at their job listing, it said (limited remote with approval), making it sound like you had to negotiate for remote work. This is what I responded with, "I currently work remotely and have no intentions on moving. I have a proven track history of performance and productivity working remotely for over 7 years and it's not something I'm willing to give up or negotiate. So I can save us a lot of time by being upfront with you about that."

I didn't apply and didn't receive a response...

>it said (limited remote with approval), making it sound like you had to negotiate for remote work

In all fairness, that's pretty common. For a lot of positions, companies are fine with proven employees working from home part of or most of the time. But that's not the same as signing off on 100% remote from Day 1. If that was the case here, I'm not surprised that they took your response as a polite "not interested" and moved on. In my somewhat limited experience, recruiters usually aren't that inclined to chase after people who have pretty much indicated they're not interested.

Had one with Deliveroo. They responded, but they were declining me because I didn't do what they explicitly told me not to do in the instructions. They wanted people who "went above and beyond".

>"went above and beyond"

Definition: Willing to put your thumb on the work side of the scales in a work/life balance for no extra compensation.

See also: Taking advantage of your workforce.

Yup. Bullet.dodged.

If above and beyond is required, how can it be above or beyond?

Above and beyond can be nice, but the whole point is that it is exceptional, in every definition of the word. If all individuals went above and beyond all the time to fulfill expectation to do the same, that sounds like a recipe for a PR or legal disaster because rational limiting judgement is not applied, or intentionally suppressed, in a scenario where somebody is in over their head.

Everything about the interview process is a crapshoot. My last run on the interview circuit had a few like this too, where the "code challenge" is either intrinsically contradictory, or where the interviewers give candidates a "bad score" based on their own failure to understand/process the challenge they issued. Lots of amateurs out there with a "naive cleverness" about this stuff.

This is BS.

They probably were doing interviews to satisfy ongoing visa process for already selected candidate.

And the declining everyone with lame excuse.

This is almost certainly the case.

Going "above and beyond" in a coding assignment can be a slight negative when I'm grading. Albeit this is a security company and adding pieces on top of the requirements could lead to unthought about interactions and more surface area.

But I'm also about work life balance, and honest day's wage for an honest day's work, so I probably defer from that company in a few ways, lol.

A company in PA called Monetate did this to me, on a smaller scale. I did their "leetcode" style test which wasn't difficult at all but still time consuming. After 2 weeks of no response I reached out and they told me they're interested and then I heard nothing for another month. After several followups I gave up. 6 months later I got an email asking if I can send over my resume (that I sent before doing the test)... it's infuriating.

Square did this to me many years ago. It was galling and unprofessional.

I had an interview with a company that's mentioned from time to time here. When it was the founder's turn to grill me, he spent 90% of the time staring at his iphone while barely glancing at me.

Give them a link to a Public Github repo on my account...

I always get a reply from those... surprisingly.

Possibility of $250k+ total comp plus excellent benefits? It's worth it for many people.

Not sure about this case, but you usually get compensated for these take home projects. They also give you an amount of hours you should work on it and pay you (One of them I did was ~$200/h)

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