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Need I say more.

Yes please? What tool is this? Are you suggesting that ASCII art is required for paging text?

Lynx[0], a text-based browser (now primarily) used for bash scripting.

[0] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lynx_(web_browser)

I can use Lynx for bash scripting?

It can be used in non-interactive mode from scripts, e.g.

  lynx -dump $URL > $FILE
This is a simple way to extract the content of a web page as plain text.

Interesting. Even as an experienced web scraper, it would have never occurred to me to use Lynx.

Wow, it sure looks pretty in lynx.

Evidently. Why does the text exist twice? Once in blue and green, and once in a smaller dark shadow behind it?

I believe it's a CLI tool to display RFCs, on a translucent terminal, with a browser window behind it. That still leaves other questions...

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