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My team does a take-home coding test and we've found it to be very successful. The people we've hired as a result have been great and actually told us they preferred it to other interview methods they've encountered.

The challenge is coming up with a standalone task that demonstrates the skills needed for the job while _actually_ requiring the amount of time you say it should take. Seems like most commenters here are upset that a "2-hour test" really takes 6+ hours. That should never be the case and I wouldn't want to work for that place either.

Another key part of this is should a candidate pass the take-home test portion of the interview, the in-person interview should be fairly quick and mostly a judge of fit/character. It should not be loaded with more tech questions. The reason this works best for everyone is the interviewee doesn't need to waste a vacation day on-site unless they have a really good chance of getting the job.

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