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Whoever claimed that Jönköping is in central Sweden needs some kind of measuring device, it's quite clearly in the south. Even if the northern half is comparatively sparsely populated it still counts as part of Sweden.


It's like when people say anything more than an hour north of NYC is "upstate".

You kind of need to have a "there is no land beyond the beltway" world view to wind up working for most media outlets anyway (not sure which is the chicken and which is the egg) so this is "central Sweden" by that yard stick.

> It's like when people say anything more than an hour north of NYC is "upstate".

That is a correct statement that essentially nobody would argue with.

The more aggressive and somewhat arguable view is that upstate is anything north of about 125th street.

I was born in Brooklyn and (seriously) everything north of The Bronx was upstate.

I mean realistically the only actual argument is if the upstate line is there, or immediately north of Westchester County.

I believe this is what is referred to as central Sweden because it lies in the middle of Sweden's two major cities, Stockholm and Gothenburg. Similarly, Austin is considered Central Texas, Dallas is considered North Texas, etc. even though that isn't extremely accurate looking at a map.

ThatI would argue that an population based map projection would put Jönköping nicely in the middle.


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