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I'm not a contractor, I'm actually tracking the time I'm working.

"At least 2 hours are added to my timesheet, even if I solve the problem in 5 minutes,"

You explicitly stated you'd get tracked for 2 hours for 5 minutes of work.

This differential - which you must have brought up for a reason - is specifically not what the law is trying to address.

That differential is also specifically not what the ruling is trying to prevent.

What's off the table with this ruling is that a timesheet does not exist, because "we're all friends here, we trust our employees (to work themselves to exhaustion out of fear)"

You should read up on the ruling. Every country has to implement it's own law. It's allowed to include specific regulations on these corner cases.

(FYI, I'm still tracking the exact time, but the time I have to work gets reduced from 38 to 36 hours)

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