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> I would expect property crime to correlate with wealth generally, ie, where there's... more property.

This is obviously not true. Wealthy neighborhoods have far less crime.

The point is that because of the policies of SF to go easy on theft, but go hard on violence, causes a lot of theft.

This doesn't just hurt wealthy people, but anyone who owns anything worth stealing, which in turn hurts any poor people trying to make their way out of the gutter.

If they had their police enforce against both types of crime, SF wouldn't look as third worldish as it now does, with lawless shanty towns surrounding ultra rich, well protected areas. You've probably never lived in a very poor neighborhood, but I have. In my experience those that aren't involved in criminal activity, and are trying to get into a better situation want police presence. They want crackdown on crime, because people just trying to live their lives in these neighborhoods these are the ones that these crimes hurt the most.

This blindeye'd activism which prevents the rule of law in poor areas causes the very same hopeless conditions they are rallying against.

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