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>left the cameras disconnected... AP worked but degraded

That’s very interesting, and closer to what I would expect.

The newest development, when I drove in this morning, the Service Tech said it’s a seatbelt sensor malfunction.

There is a “driver seat buckled” interlock for cruise control, but the alert for that explains the reason. I’m just getting “cruise not available” with no explanation.

Yeah I unbuckled once while AP was active to try to take off my coat and the car lost its shit on me. Red flashing alarms like, “WTF you doing?!”

I think that service tech was grasping at straws, unless he actually examined the logs and saw it written there. If it was the seat belt, wouldn’t you see it indicated on the display that the seat belt was unbuckled? It displays the unbuckled indicator for all seats that have occupants detected (weight sensor).

Presumably the logs will contain the exact reason it fails? Next time they text you maybe ask if they can tell you exactly what the log file says when AP engagement fails.

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