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Voynich Manuscript Deciphered (tandfonline.com)
14 points by mml 6 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 5 comments

Hmm. Surprisingly little translated content. What about the stellar chorus surrounding the zodiacal figures?

No discussion of common arguments against MS408 being a nonstandard alphabet for a natlang. What about the words repeated verbatim three times or, with minor variations, more?

How did this make it past peer review?

Wow, a translation that isn't immediately insane!

On the other hand, the paper has some eccentricities that make me sceptical:

"Figure 16 shows the letter ‘o’ which is a familiar Latin symbol. It simply imitates the shape of the mouth when the phonetic sound is made."

But then there's the author:

"Gerard Cheshire

"Dr. Gerard Cheshire has recently completed his doctorate, expounding an adaptive theory for human belief systems, and is now a Research Associate with University of Bristol. The solution to the codex of MS408 was developed over a 2-week period in May 2017 after he came across the manuscript for the first time whilst conducting research for his PhD dissertation. Having deciphered the writing system, he subsequently realized the significance of the manuscript to Romance linguists and Mediaeval historians, and so decided to publish the information."

One thing about the Voynich: immediate translations at first sight are very common and haven't been right yet.

No it's not. Just another failed attempt.

for the 8th time this year!

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