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For anyone else who has to go through the process:

Go to the replacement page: https://myaccount.google.com/replacemykey

If you qualify for the return, there will be a box displaying the key you purchased (in my case it says "Titan Security Key Bundle"). If you do not see this box and you have multiple Google accounts, make sure you've selected the one in which you placed the order (and is paired to your account—thanks programd) by clicking on your avatar in the top right. If you're not simply in the wrong account, Google doesn't think you qualify.

At that point, you'll end up on the shopping page. Add the replacement key (it will tell you the full price of the item but don't worry). Proceed to checkout. On the final checkout screen, you should find a promo applied which brings your total down to $0. If you don't, you're probably buying another one so don't confirm.

Note that if you have not yet paired your key with a Google account the page will say "No action needed". Apparently they try to detect if the key is paired with your account before they replace it.

I emailed them to the contact address on that web page, but no reply just yet.

I hope they have a return/replace workflow for unused keys because obviously, why would you want to use one before you get it replaced? Obviously.

It's great to read that it works this way for at least someone out there. For me, after clicking 'Get Started' at the above page I was sent to https://support.google.com/store/contactflow?dl=change_cance...

And yes, I'm using the current Chrome and script/ad-blockers are disabled.

I was seeing that as well at first (with chat disabled as an option). Changing to the right account and revisiting the replacement key page in the same browser window was what brought me to the right page. Now I can't reproduce getting to that support page.

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