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Wow. So you base your hire decisions on pop quiz answers?

Have you worked in the industry for longer than 2 years?

> ask what the sleep command is in JavaScript.

> We don't really use arrays in Scala

These all seem like genuine things. In more complex companies, people may use more exotic data structures and/or have abstractions around data access.

Silly comment overall.

None of the examples were trivia. These were examples of what the candidates got stuck on in a larger interview question, with the ability to use Google to look things up.

I don't care what kind of abstractions you have at your current company. We don't (/didn't) have those abstractions. If you can't show me that you can do CS101 basics (appending to an array?) in the language that you claim to write day to day, how can I trust you to be able to write the code that we describe in the job description?

> CS101 basics (appending to an array?)

Probably because most professionals are not fresh out of CS101 & most data structures aren't arrays or exposed as arrays.

List, Collections, Map, Trees, home-rolled data structures better suited to domain - how do you not get this?

Your opinion sounds like that of someone just out of a bootcamp. You're putting all the weight on irrelevant syntax issues. A lot of devs use multiple languages day to day amongst other things.

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