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I don't know if people have generally been following Taleb's critique of IQ and other intelligence measures, but there are three tracks to it.

One is purely statistical -- that if you offer any metric of success, and try to correlate it with any measure of intelligence, even if the two are actually uncorrelated, then having dead people in the sample (that is, people who score 0 on both) will increase the quality of the correlation. Applicable because when you eliminate people who score low on IQ tests and low on performance tests from the sample, the correlations tend to disappear in these studies.

The second is more intuitive, that intelligence is multifaceted and attempts to project it into a low-dimensional space will mask the inherent complexity, but will be capable of identifying individuals that score low across many dimensions. That leads to the condition in the first issue.

The third is probably the most controversial; that IQ tests in particular do not measure generalized intelligence, but measure how well you can do "drone work", so for places where performance can be objectively measured, it will tend to be in tasks that do not require creativity or initiative in unpredictable directions because those are not easily measured, so thus reflective of the same sorts of tasks that IQ tests measure.

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