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This isn't the same as client side prediction though, the entire game simulation in the aoe case practically runs on every client, where the only input to the simulation are commands that are passed between all players and executed in lockstep, where the simulation essentially stops if for a given turn no command for that turn has been received.

Gives you really low bandwidth reqs (and randomness is still possible assuming you just seed things the same on all machines).

But also means you might have to wait 50-200ms (or some arbitrary sliding window depending on network conditions) until your click actually registers ingame as a move as commands are scheduled to be processed far enough in the future (some number of command turns in the future) that you at that point would have received every other players commands for that given turn and thus be able to execute all commands for all players locally for that turn, which is not ideal if you're playing a twitchy shooter, but alright if it's an RTS.

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