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That's likely due to amp-font, which will wait a certain amount of time for custom fonts to load before continuing with a fallback browser font (see: https://amp.dev/documentation/components/amp-font)

8 seconds is not a reasonable delay, and AMP pages work perfectly fine if the JavaScript is blocked. Which is going to annoy users more -- a slight delay in a font's loading or an 8-second delay in the entire page's loading?

I suspect that Google is trying to get most users to not block their JavaScript by making their access to "the Web" unbearable if they do it. (For other types of user punishment, see the other article on that site: https://shkspr.mobi/blog/2016/11/removing-your-site-from-amp... )

I put "the Web" in quotes, because a "standard" that requires you to load JavaScript from Google's servers, lets other sites serve your content while spoofing the URL, attempts to fundamentally change the way navigation on the entire Web works (portals) without input from other browsers, and that most people have to be coerced to use by reducing their traffic if they don't implement it, can't seriously be considered a real standard.

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