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I think it depends very much how you use your computer and also how much comfort you need. Therefore the answer is very individual. If you want to go totally hardcore secure, you might consider OpenBSD on some obscure architecture like RISC-V or Power - the Talos II workstations are really powerful. (Power was AFAIK originally vulnerable to Spectre or Meltdown, but there are mitigations and it's 100% open source) Probably it's smart to use 2FA on separate hardware (Smartphone, Yubikey or Smartcard for instance) and make it a habit to delete data and apps that you don't need. Oh and also installing only software from trusted sources - whatever that means for you - and an adblocker might also help to prevent malicious JS code. Also for many people iPads serve all needs they have and by default all the native apps have been reviewed.

Probably it's smart to not see a computer not like a walled garden but more like a sieve.

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