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You're missing the point of what Bitnami actually does. Bitnami isn't helping "enterprise IT" to install Wordpress. They are helping AWS/GCP/Azure/etc... to attract more users with less effort. It's kind of "hey, random guy that has no idea how to install Wordpress! Do you want to get a Wordpress up and running in <your favourite cloud provider> in less than a minute?".

Edit: look at the comment right after mine. Perfect proof.

Interesting - if I search for "install wordpress on cloud", I get a Google Cloud page (probably because of the major providers, Google Cloud is the only one that has "cloud" in its name) linking to a Google-built turnkey image https://cloud.google.com/wordpress/ . If I specifically search for "install wordpress on aws", AWS's docs tell you to install a Bitnami image https://aws.amazon.com/getting-started/tutorials/launch-a-wo... .

Google's page also says this, which I strongly agree with, though:

> Note: For automatic software updates and security patches, consider using a provider such as Kinsta or WP Engine which offers fully-managed WordPress solutions.

It seems sort of irresponsible to find people who aren't super comfortable with apt-get install and make it easy for them to run a WordPress they're responsible for security updates for; you're just setting themselves up to get popped. If Bitnami solves this, that seems extremely valuable, but my experience is most of the automated ways to patch WordPress come at significant risk of breaking important plugins. And managed WordPress is a reasonable product (almost everyone who wants a WordPress can just use a hosted, managed solution) and a thriving market already.

Bitnami has worked with all three cloud providers - I was in at least one video meeting with them when I was at Google on the GCP team. (To be clear, I haven't worked for Google in over 4 years and am speaking only for myself here.)

I suspect there are Bitnami offerings in Google's marketplace too - most things in that marketplace are built by third parties such as Bitnami, but unlike for Amazon's marketplace Google does view themselves as the reseller of the products offered there.

Bitnami does require applying updates via e.g. apt-get, as mentioned in another reply from someone else. I wonder if their GCE images follow Google's norm of turning on automatic security updates by default, as do most regular Google-supported GCE operating system images. No idea.

PS - Hi, long time no see, hope you're doing well!

There are indeed Bitnami images in the GCP Marketplace, and they are even used for examples in the code-labs that GCP produces.

It is only somewhat recently that the emphasis in their marketplace is towards to Google-sourced images.

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