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Been enjoying the Make Medium Readable Again (https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/make-medium-readab...) plugin. Removes all the clutter from the page, you won't even know you are on Medium!

Alternatively if you have uBlock and are scared of one-off extensions, you can add this generic modal filter[0] list from the webannoyances repo.

I found this by searching "modal" on filterlists.com and clicking the subscribe button. IMO there should be a Medium-specific one like they have for stackoverflow or youtube.

I cannot personally vouch if the modal filters are overzealous. I'd rather avoid Medium than putting up with this sort of thing.

[0] https://raw.githubusercontent.com/yourduskquibbles/webannoya...

Thanks I should have included the repo.

I only found the "one-click" subscribe for the masterlist in the repo readme. Additionally I couldn't link a specific filterlists.com result to the modal filter "one-click" subscribe that I use.

I'd have preferred a ublock subscribe link but I'm not sure how to make it clickable without an href.


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