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Nextcloud, preferably on a machine you own (but there are companies selling Nextcloud hosting as well). It replaces Google Drive, Contacts, Calendar, Photos (face recognition can be done with a third-party app), has an RSS reader, bookmarking service etc. Just look at its app store, you can install any of this with two clicks: https://apps.nextcloud.com/

It really is a suite that can combat Google's suite — and you can truly own it. Other than that, DDG for search, and your own domain for email (so that you could transfer it between different hostings if necessary).

I do have a Google account, but I use it for precisely two purposes: Google Play (my phone wouldn't work without one) and YouTube subscriptions (I can use an RSS reader for this, but it's a bit inconvenient). You can create a Google account without creating a Gmail account.

May I suggest using NewPipe[1] for a Google-account-free experience to follow channels? You can import them from your current subscription list, and easily export them when you switch phone or for backup purposes.

[1]: https://newpipe.schabi.org/

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