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Yeah languages are meant to be read even by beginners. I think a language like python shines by being small (in design) yet powerful (by capability). Having myriads of "nice for one use case" feature in the language is not the way forward. I long for the time where % format and .format are removed from the language spec. Even if they still work on the implementation for compatibility. Please remove things.

> Please remove things.

We're not done with Python 2 yet. This would be a Python 4 for sure. That's not according the philosophy of backward compatibility of Python (even if I agree with you).

Yes backward compatibility is not an option (lets avoid redoing python3 trauma ) and simply delegating coexistence of old and new features to implementation is a bit lazy. However documenting one way as the current one and other features as old ways, for backward compatibility can simplify things.

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