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Basically yeah.

The server has the authority on where you are, to prevent you cheating by sending it bogus positions. You send inputs (not your position) and the server gives you your new position back.

Problem is of course it takes time for the inputs to go to the server, and for your new position to come back. So in a naive implementation you press to move forward, and don't actually move for a while while you wait for a return signal.

So instead, say it's tick 100 on the client and you get a position from the server marked as tick 90. Instead of moving the player to the tick 90 position, which is in the past for you, you take that and "predict" ahead (a.k.a. run the simulation) 10 more ticks to get to tick 100. Including re-running any new inputs you did during those ticks.

There are situations where the client may predict differently to what the server actually does - maybe you bumped into another player and due to latency they were in a different place for you than for the server. In that case you'll either get suddenly teleported to a different place as the server data keeps coming through, or if you're lucky the game will kind of smoothly correct you over a few frames.

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