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World’s First AMD-Based NUC Mini-PC Showcases Ryzen R1000 (linuxgizmos.com)
14 points by walterbell 7 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 4 comments

I hope this sort of product spreads out of the industrial space.

The ASRock (again) DeskMini A300 shows there's a definite market for tiny Ryzen-based machines for the home.

Closest I've seen right now would be a DIY around the Athlon 200g (Ryzen-based APU-style 2c4t 3.2GHz no boost 35W TDP).

Cheapest (no OS/Linux) price I can do would be £210.

If ASRock can shrink the size and price further with integration, I'd wager they'd sell like hotcakes.

For those not familiar with ASRock, it was a spinoff from ASUS, one of the world's top five motherboard manufacturers.

Wasn't NUC an Intel trademark?

That is something I was thinking of since I bought a NUC recently. There was no TM next to the word NUC. Maybe they consider it a form factor like ATX.

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