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I just want to thank the author for not using Medium.

Far too many tech blog posts use that platform now and I don't like it very at all as it feels really bloated and I can never be sure if what I'm about to click is a 'premium' Medium post or not.

I like that the article doesn't have generic meme images separating each paragraph.

A few years ago complaining about that would get you flagged. Now it gets upvoted.

I talked about not using it years ago on my YouTube channel and got a rash of shit. I've shown how to replicate that site in minutes as well.

Glad to see I'm not the only one thinking like this. Medium is the MySpace of the late 2010s.

Good blog post by the way.

Wow, Medium built such a dysfunctional webservice that people start actively thanking others not to use it - in completely unrelated posts. Nice job.

Been enjoying the Make Medium Readable Again (https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/make-medium-readab...) plugin. Removes all the clutter from the page, you won't even know you are on Medium!

Alternatively if you have uBlock and are scared of one-off extensions, you can add this generic modal filter[0] list from the webannoyances repo.

I found this by searching "modal" on filterlists.com and clicking the subscribe button. IMO there should be a Medium-specific one like they have for stackoverflow or youtube.

I cannot personally vouch if the modal filters are overzealous. I'd rather avoid Medium than putting up with this sort of thing.

[0] https://raw.githubusercontent.com/yourduskquibbles/webannoya...

Thanks I should have included the repo.

I only found the "one-click" subscribe for the masterlist in the repo readme. Additionally I couldn't link a specific filterlists.com result to the modal filter "one-click" subscribe that I use.

I'd have preferred a ublock subscribe link but I'm not sure how to make it clickable without an href.


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