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Why does "freedom and flexibility to work on their own time" have anything to do with whether they are employees of the company or not? Both can easily be true together.

Uber already has employees. They are generally expected to work a certain number of ours each week and to turn up in the office when told so.

That doesn't address the point.

If you’re an employee then you’ll be driving at least 8 hours a day with a shift start and end time and no choice on rides or location. That’s not very flexible.

Where does it say an employee has to have fixed 8 hour day? It's a false dicotomy.

Why wouldn't they? There's a minimum of 30 hours per week and overtime starts at over 40 hours, and sometimes after 8 hours in a day. Therefore the outcome will be 40 hours worked, but with shift times matched to predicted driver demand. Either way, there is no flexibility.

Having a driving job is the opposite of what the vast majority of drivers actually want.

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