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Does anybody actually remember phone numbers these days ?

Edit : I do remember the half a dozen I use or might really need, and already feel like an outlier. ( And as pointed in another comment, they're already 11 digits each. Not that much of a difference. )

I'm 18, the only number I remember is 08456060973 because it was used for a radio show I used to listen to and they'd repeat it constantly. I seldom communicate via the telephony network, if I need to call someone I call them on Telegram, my mum uses Viber, my Dad uses Skype, and if I need to message someone there's more than enough options for that.

> Does anybody actually remember phone numbers these days ?

Yup, all the ones I knew as a kid in the 80s and early 90s, and haven't used for 2 decades.

Same here, indeed. And for 3 decades too.

> Does anybody actually remember phone numbers these days ?

Children do, or should. Even very young children should be taught until they have memorized their own phone number.

And even older children might not have phone yet, but still need to be able to call home.

I wonder if parents these days just put "Mom" and "Dad" contacts in their kids' phones and don't bother teaching their kids their phone numbers

I have had the same number for 10 years. A few months ago I made a conscious effort to remember it since I was getting fed up of referring back to my contacts list on a daily basis.

No, properly not perhaps. But it would be a nice feature when you have to exchange phone numbers.

We exchange cards as a matter of daily interaction. The biggest issue is reading properly a name ( kanji ), not the other data in them.

I haven't learned a new phone number in almost 14 years. And the ones I do know are all in the same area code, so I really only have to know 7 digits each.

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