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First time I was able to access the WWW via a graphical browser I had a dial-in shell account at an ISP (or BBS or whatever they called themselves back then), then there was a program called "slirp" (which, amazingly enough, seems to have a wiki page at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Slirp ) which allowed one to run "SLIP" (IP-over-serial) over the terminal connection to get IP access from my computer. Amazingly I got it to work, considering I barely knew what I was doing back then.

One big reason why I became a Linux user was that the TCP/IP stack for Win 3.1, Trumpet Winsock, was amazingly unstable and would regularly crash the entire OS. Linux had, even back then, a stable TCP/IP stack. And fantastic advancements like preemptive multitasking running in protected mode so errant user-space applications didn't crash the OS.

Good times.

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