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>we are entering the era of cloud-based streaming game platforms, like Stadia. The latency problems of the pre-CSP 90's will be rearing their heads again. Its going to be interesting to see how these same problems will be tackled

My take is that it'll be the a primary competitive point, nearly as important as the library available. Companies that can deliver the service without introducing these issues will succeed and ones that cannot will fail. If nobody can reliably crack it, cloud gaming won't take off.

Back in the 90s there was no viable competitor aside from LAN parties, and those weren't available to you every evening.

There was modem dialup between two players though. Among my circle of friends in 94/95 there was someone who wanted to play DOOM every night. The games was often coordinated during the day at school, or later by phone.

Also I agree that is not a given that "Cloud gaming" will take off. We have emerging VR were latency is absolutely critical, even more so than for FPS e-sports

Yeah I remember that. There were also some gaming-specific low-latency premium-rate dialup services (e.g. Wireplay in the UK) that hosted game servers on-net. With the right TCP/IP settings and Modem firmware, you could get very close to the minimum theoretical modem latencies with barely any jitter, and it made a big difference.

Now and as it was then the game maker controls the viability of its game's ecosystem. Some game companies think its a market advantage to have open hosting, mod ability, and some don't.

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