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> In a year, every other advertisement on TV would be for health insurance, like it is with car insurance now.

It's strange to see someone say this like it's a good thing. Almost no one wants to "shop for the health insurance they need". They want to show up when they need care and receive it, and not have to think about it.

> It's strange to see someone say this like it's a good thing.

I'm saying that, because the situation would imply a price war for health insurance, which -- crazy me! -- I think would be good for everyone.

dunno, since the car insurance market was deregulated in italy (or better: regulated for transparent competition, which is different in some ways) my premium went from 1200/yr to 250/yr and I'm not receiving a worse service for it.

it's all about in how the regulation is carried out. paperless data transfer between company, ban on exit and transfer fees, standardized risk assessment that's binding for all companies allowed a healthy competition.

id take a look at the small print if I where you based on what happens in the UK

of course, most insurers are basically running a scam operation. that was happening before irregardless of changes that were introduced to protect customers.

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