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Any idea why the would not implement lag compo for projectile-based weapons? Too much processing power required?

I think the effect on other players would be pretty jarring, especially if said projectiles / explosions jolted players in the air at high velocity.

IIRC QW's client side movement prediction didn't attempt to predict the effects of, for instance, shooting a rocket at your feet/rocket jumping, which meant on high latency connections there'd often be a bit of a delay before your view caught up with where the server thought you actually were. This also applies to rockets fired by other players. Lower latency had the effect of not only making it easier to fire rockets at enemy players, it also made everything seem smoother when people fired rockets at you.

Later versions of QW created from the GPL source release have introduced lag compensation for hitscan weapons, but I'm not aware of any attempts to do so for projectiles.

lag compensating projectiles on the client decreases usability more often than you'd think.

Projectiles like rockets apply a lot of forces to the player which are not easily predictable. If you fire a rocket and client-side prediction has it leaving your vicinity without collision but the server has someone stepping into the path of the rocket so it explodes close enough that the explosion exerts force that changes your position, you're going to have a really bad misprediction on the player's position, which of course can get waaaay worse if the player launches another rocket while the first rocket's effect on player position has not been sorted out properly.

When you aim someone and click you want to hit what you see. This is a big problem with lag compo, you are in the present but you see other players in the past. In order to avoid this behavior, a common practice is to send what you see, your target, when you shoot.

Projectiles are simulated on the server

All weapons are simulated on both the server and the client in the case we're talking about here. It's just that raycast weapons are rewound on the server to compensate for the client's latency, and projectiles aren't. The server has the authority on actual hits and damage done for all weapons.

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