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Complete aside about Carmack and reducing VR latency from https://www.gamasutra.com/view/news/226112/How_John_Carmack_... :

"He gave the example of increasing the refresh rate on the Gear VR during development. He was working, at that time, with its Galaxy S III phone. Android triple-buffers graphics, inducing a 48 millisecond delay into the system -- making VR impossible.

Carmack pulled apart Android to hack that out. Though he'd written several emails to Samsung in attempts to convince them to give back that buffer, "It's easy to argue against an email, but it's much harder to make the argument when you can have the two things and stick them on your face and, 'Tell me this isn't better.'"

Carmack is probably the most self-consistent opinionated creator out there, given that so many years on he still sticks to one of his original quotes:

> "Focused, hard work is the real key to success. Keep your eyes on the goal, and just keep taking the next step towards completing it. If you aren't sure which way to do something, do it both ways and see which works better."

He'll even do Samsung's work for them to fulfill the purpose of that quote.

Carmack's brain is so much like a computer that it even does speculative execution branch prediction!

Is android doing triple buffering wrong? Where does the extra 16ms delay come from?

Games usually let you control if and which buffering to use so for an OS to be stuborn about it and waste Carmacks time over a simple toggle is pretty maddening

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