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Well, it's a common talking point. Have you looked into it? It's an honest question, who has the onus of responsibility for research? OP or me?

The thing that feels bizarre whenever this comes up is the US willingness to pretend the many dozen cheaper systems that provide universal coverage doesn't exist.

The US spends more tax money on Medicare and Medicaid alone than what some countries spend per capita on providing universal healthcare..

Maybe copy one of the systems proven to work. They come in many flavours, many of which do include private insurers and healthcare providers that do just fine.

But then republicans would have a harder time preaching "free market fixes all" as holy doctrine.

re onus, everyone.

And the further reduced the tone of ambitiously taking any questions (especially on HN) the more you sound like somebody who migrated from 4chan to mess with us

Doesn't OP have the responsibility to at least admit that his main suggestion is extremely common and well researched, and to explain what gives him special insight or authority?

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