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Most software engineers don’t even have a college degree in computer science, and now we want them to get a professional certification? Good luck with that.


The title 'Software Engineer' is an over used term imo that describes any developer out there.

That title should be reserved for those that have the same credentials as an ME, EE, etc. Someone who is a CS degree holder or a self taught comp dev have in no way the same training as someone with a CE degree.

Engineers are able to take their PE exam in either CE or SE. https://ncees.org/engineering/pe/

> Engineers are able to take their PE exam...

Provided you have a PE credentialed coworker who can vouch for you. That is a chicken and egg problem for most people in an organization with no PEs.

Looks like they are discontinuing the SE exam.

I'm self taught and blow most out of the water with software and hardware engineering. Most college degrees, even for CS majors, are a joke.

If anything you've just reinforced my point that there needs to be a higher barrier to entry when dealing with software that can critically affect human life.

I’m not disagreeing with you but, a change like that is going to upend the labor market and put a lot of people out of a job.

Are there a lot of people working on life-critical software?

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