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One thing I try (and don't always succeed) in doing is to ask myself - if someone who is very busy is going to read this article, can they extract the value out of it quickly and efficiently?

There's two key things you could do to enable that:

1. Use headings that summarise the text below; currently, your headings are introductions to the text below rather than summaries. Of course you can't get everything into a 5-word heading, but looking at the heading, the reader should not only know what type of content is coming, but also largely what the conclusion of it will be. A really good book on this topic is http://www.amazon.co.uk/Pyramid-Principle-Logic-Writing-Thin...

2. Summarise the key points at the end. A lot of people scroll through, glance at the headings, then look at the conclusion, before they decide whether to read the article. Summarising your points will, paradoxically, get more people to read the full article (or at least dive into the points of interest to them).

I believe that if you want people's attention, you need to show that you're respectful of their precious and limited time.

Great ideas! Will work with them next I sit to write. Thanks, early adopter :P

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