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People should realize that ancient Chinese were оnto something when they told that all phenomena shall evolve only so much before they tip over the peak of maximum development and inevitably rumble downhill into overdevelopment.

P.S. the Holy Church of Progress keeps flagging the herecy of I-Ching out of existence, may it prevail in its glorious ways. Curious fact: expressing your disagreement in written form takes more neurons than flagging reflex does. Try and ye shall succeed!

I like the I Ching too but could you please stop posting these and then deleting them? It's an abuse of the site.

I'll stop as soon as dysgraphic flaggers stop. The true abuse is muting a comment that doesn't offend anyone, just calling to contemplate a philosophy so different from the current mainline it hurts. Or does it? Are they triggered by 'people should'? Yeah, they should, but don't have to. Is the very notion of impossibility to improve things forever without changing their essence offensive? Any other reason, could you explain it, please?

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