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I'm not really sure what the question is supposed to be. You could discover an Intel vulnerability and give them a 90 day timeline, or, for that matter, do what the Metasploit founders would have done and just immediately code up an exploit and publish it with no warning. All of these are viable options and all have precedent; it's up to the people discovering the flaws to make their own decisions.

It's particularly weird in this case to suggest that the embargo didn't help anyone, since (1) nobody appears to have leaked these flaws and (2) the cloud providers all seem to have fixes queued up.

Intel claims to have discovered some of these flaws internally, and this is a bug class we've known about (for realsies) for a little bit over a year now, in a class of products for which development cycles are themselves denominated in multiple years, so I'd cut them a bit of slack.

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