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If you have the Cisco 9000 Series, patch them now! This SSH backdoor allows an unauthenticated, remote attacker to login as root.

This is exactly why I only buy belkin routers. I can't even connect to it.

Ha! Thanks for making me laugh out loud.

Without wanting to start a political flame war it would be great if there was consistency to how we in the tech community and the media treat these types of vulnerabilities. When Huawei have these sorts of bugs they are reported as backdoors. Bugs happen in software be nice if put the nationalism aside and reported it consistently as bugs or vulnerabilities

Nexus 9000, running ACI, not normal NX-OS, as opposed to the ASR 9000 series which are common internet routers.

Cisco model numbers are fun.

god I still have nightmares about cisco sales rep trying to push ACI as the "solution to all problems".

Also you should have ACLs in place and VLAN segmentation (assuming their use as pure layer 2 devices) so that only certain authorized sections of the network are even able to reach things like the management ssh and SNMP daemons.

Or turn that all that shit off and go full Out of Band management - ok there are some trade-offs here.

'unauthenticated' should have been in the title of this post

Given that it is a $30k+ piece of kit I suspect not too many people here have them.

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