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I'm a constituent and I don't want to be tracked as I walk around in public. I'm glad they're listening to people like me.

I don't disagree, by the way.

But can I ask?

- Did you tell any legislators about your opinion? Did they listen to you, or do you just agree with their solution?

- Have you seen any of this tech/tracking anywhere before?

Ultimately I could theorize 100s of laws that would be sensical, but pose no present danger to citizens.

> but pose no present danger to citizens

I would suggest that if something appears likely to cause a fire, you can:

a) Wait for the fire to start, put it out, then fix the cause.

b) Preemptively fix the cause, thus preventing the fire from occurring in the first place.

The questions are then "how likely is this to cause a fire" and "how bad would the damage be"? I would estimate that the likelihood for authorities to abuse widespread, centralized facial recognition deployments is approximately 100%, and that in many cases the damage would be extremely high.

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