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Nope - from the article "The facial recognition fight in San Francisco is largely theoretical — the police department does not currently deploy facial recognition technology, except in its airport and ports that are under federal jurisdiction and are not impacted by the legislation."

Drugs, homelessness, human feces, insane housing prices -- well at least we can solve theoretical facial recognition

And yet no efforts at fecal recognition...

There's a business that does this for ascribing blame for dog feces; shouldn't be hard to apply to waste, no matter the source.


(As with many social ills, it's likely a very small number of repeat offenders – so identifying & appropriate addressing them in a prioritized manner is the best way to a solution.)

Or, just use the less expensive option to deploy nanny state level camera coverage and use the facial recognition to identify the dog's owner so the bills can be sent out by some AI system purchased from Amazon. Your fines will be delivered in 48 hours for free or possibly the same day if they have a facial recognition data center in your local area.

Probably not that hard to build a fecal recognition model, it's what comes after that's more difficult. "It's like Uber for scooping"

SF already has this: http://mobile311.sfgov.org/reports?utf8=%E2%9C%93&q=poop

Just report the poop on 311 and they go clean it up. Yes it works.

That looks like it only has a search interface. How do you add a new report?

The link to download the 311 reporting app for Android and iOS are on the right side of page when viewed on a desktop, not sure how it looks on mobile however the link should still be there.

If you think about it, it seems that the industry here is obsessed with solving all kinds of theoretical AI risks.

We should probably get a resolution on the table banning the use of ED-209s before people get killed.

Exactly. When you can't get anything useful done, pass a law that's arbitrarily populist and pat yourself on the back.

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