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Why doesn't this type of news cause INTC to tank - they're up today. I know the market is up today, but (and it's probably my innate overreaction) I would think this sort of news would cause its stock to suffer.

I think there is an expectation that Intel's new generation CPUs wont have these vulnerabilities and they will sell these a lot more to replace the piece of crap they have sold for ridiculous prices. Intel is actually probably happy about these, because no one cares.

Intel have not been able to produce 10nm chips for 2 years now and they don't expect them until 2020. If the Ryzen 3000 leaks of a 15% IPC gain are proven to be true in a couple weeks then Intel is in real trouble. Add on additional performance losses with this mitigation and Intel is very likely to lose the top end of the CPU market for at least 2 years. INTC might look very different come the end of the month.

I follow the market and tech stocks pretty closely and it is extraditionary rate for breaches, vulnerabilities, or exploits to affect the stock price of companies despite the outrage from the tech community.

Because it depends on customer behavior. Intel has a strong name and people know their CPUs are fast. We see various IT security problems almost daily and most people don't care... It would probably require some massive exploits, data leaks, identity thefts in cloud providers and following lawsuits againts Intel to see some significant stock price change. :)

It should take a couple of days, also Intel is coming off continuous losses.

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