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Yeah, if you choose to turn off hyperthreading. Pretty expected tbh - hyperthreading helps quite a bit for some things.

but I don't see Intel mentioning this 40% anywhere... by Intel words, the worst degradation is 9%, and it creates an impression that it's with HT off.

If you choose not to disable HT, you stay vulnerable even with updated microcode, right?

In any case, Apple's stats are much more gruesome...

It really is going to depend on what test you are running. HT has the greatest effect when the running process has a lot of "downtime" for things like memory retrieval or any I/O as it allows for other processes to make use of this downtime. So if your tests are just doing calculations with very little file/network I/O it could very well be in the 9% range.

The best of the worst case. Gotta love that Intel spin machine working in overdrive

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