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What does capitalism has to do with unions? It is actually goes against basic capitalism to have a 2 party system where the employee and the employer negotiates the circumstances of work.

unions are an expression of capitalism. Businesses will often form partnerships/merge to better their market position/profitability/etc.. Laborers (when viewed as a business-person selling a product: their labor) should do the same to promote their own position/profitability/etc.

> What does capitalism has to do with unions?

Capitalism is the problem for the working class that motivates unions as a mitigation.

Capitalism != Monopsony

What? Where would workers work? Capitalism is not the problem at all.

In cooperatives and publically-owned workplaces, of course.

Like gulags?

On the off-chance that you aren't trolling: A (worker's) cooperative is a company that is owned and democratically controlled by its workers. Gulags were prisons[1].

Since prisoners do often work, you could technically call a prison a publically-owned workplace provided it is actually owned by the public. It would be highly misleading, but technically not entirely wrong. But gulags weren't owned by the public but by an unambiguously dictatorial state, so no, they aren't.

I hope this helped clear things up.

[1] Calling gulags prisons is quite an understatement, but very bad prisons aren't worker's cooperatives either.

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