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Erm, not full exactly. This is more like a rechargable battery that cannot handle being charged anymore. The old battery is not "empty", it's dead. This chip is not "full", it is dead. The lifetime physical endurance limits are exceeded, and functionality is lost.

Except Apple batteries die because of physics, Tesla has this issue because Tesla decided to:

1. Log something they never read back

2. Use a soldered down chip (they use a SD card in other locations)

3. Crash the media controls when the unused logs cannot be written

4. Disable certain car features, potentially immobilizing the vehicle because the media center is off.

There are several ways that Tesla could have prevented this issue, and the fact that they've never bothered to resolve the issue in later iterations is just baffling.

I read your argument, but I do not understand what you are taking exception to.

Smart phone batteries degrading is inevitable, these issues with Tesla’s cars aren’t, therefore it’s a bad comparison.

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