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It should read:

> ...said it works “just like” in PCs

The number of mistakes in the Techcrunch article is atrocious.

I found two and emailed the author. It's my sad little hobby. He replied promptly and they all should be fixed now. In fact, he found a third that I missed.

Keep in mind, this article was posted at 3am pacific, 6am eastern. Assuming the author is in North America, he was probably under a deadline and rather tired.

I have found similar typos from prominent writers. Sometimes they email me back, which I appreciate.

I found one in an article by Cory Doctorow on boingboing. I checked on builtwith.com, and they use WordPress/Jetpack. Jetpack has a feature that will warn you if you try and publish something with spelling mistakes, it is just not enabled by default.

I let Mr Doctorow know all this, in a very polite manner, and he responded with "many thanks". I'm not big on celebrity worship, but it still made my day.

Your 'sad little hobby' is directly addressing one of the biggest cultural problems we face today. For some reason I never thought to approach it that way, I may pick it up myself if you don't mind the company.

Thank you for your service!

I know this comment adds nothing of value but I have to quote it anyway

“Service guarantees citizenship, want to know more?”

Well, it's techcrunch

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